Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Award on contract for work on South Ribble Tennis Centre car park30/07/2021For Determination15/09/2021
Land Transfer at Vernon Carus28/07/2021For Determination15/09/2021
Request for funds to allow external contractors to complete pruning and removal works to trees affected by ash dieback disease.22/07/2021For Determination08/2021
South Ribble Tennis Centre Carpark extension21/07/2021For Determination15/09/2021
Regulatory Services Contract Award15/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Revenues and Benefits Software Contract Award15/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report 121/07/2021For Determination15/09/2021
ICT Service Review07/07/2021For Determination05/08/2021
Setting up an Electrical Framework for Planned and reactive maintenance07/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Customer Services & Revenue and Benefits Review23/06/2021For Determination08/2021
Joint Insurance Procurement24/05/2021For Determination13/10/2021
Museum, culture and tourism team review04/05/2021For Determination15/09/2021
McKenzie Arms Contractor Appointment (Stage 2)20/05/2021For Determination08/2021
Garden Waste Stickers Contract Award16/03/2021For Determination08/2021
Garden Waste Direct Debit Software Contract Award16/03/2021For Determination08/2021
Committee Management Software Contract Award16/03/2021For Determination08/2021
Time Recording Software Contract Award16/03/2021For Determination08/2021
Leisure Services Software Contract Award16/03/2021For Determination08/2021
Council Housing Delivery Programme13/02/2020For Determination15/09/2021