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Quarter 2 Performance Monitoring Report

Report of the Interim Chief Executive attached.


The Panel considered a report of the Interim Chief Executive which outlined the Council’s performance during Quarter 2.


The Leader of the Council, Councillor Paul Foster, advised that the report set out the performance against the delivery of the Corporate Plan projects and objectives that was approved in February 2019. The performance of the Corporate Plan projects and objectives approved in September 2019 would be reported from Quarter 3 onwards.


Overall, performance of the projects was good, with 31 out of 32 (over 95%) on-track. Key Performance Indicators and measures of the Corporate Plan were also performing well, with 10 succeeding and 30 marked as being on-track. Only four Key Performance Indicators were off-track and these were highlighted in the report.


Members of the panel queried the percentage of calls to the Council’s Gateway service abandoned before being answered. Performance in this area was succeeding its target but it was acknowledged that there is a lengthy pre-recorded message that residents must listen to when they call the council, which can cause frustration. Members requested that figures for the number and duration of abandoned calls be provided following the meeting and welcomed the offer to review the pre-recorded message.


An update on the development of InPhase, the Council’s performance monitoring system, was requested. Members were informed that implementation was ongoing and that the relevant officers were receiving training on the system. It was anticipated that the system would be in use for reporting on Quarter 3 performance.


Members expressed concerns that only 29% of licensed taxis were inspected in the last quarter and that there was no set target for this. A need for robust and timely inspection was acknowledged and the measures for inspection would be reviewed.


The average number of days between a Disabled Facilities Grant referral from Lancashire County Council to application was highlighted as being off-track. It was acknowledged that this was largely as a result of customers failing to provide the necessary paperwork and due to lack of resources in the referrals team at Lancashire County Council. A review of the application process would be carried out with the intention of streamlining the process where possible.


Members also received further information on homelessness in South Ribble, as requested at the previous meeting.


In response to a query regarding how homelessness in South Ribble compares with neighbouring authorities, members were informed that South Ribble was similar to Chorley and West Lancashire.


The Council has 56 days to prevent a resident becoming homeless once notified. Housing Officers would identify the reason why the person may become homeless and would investigate. Short-term support can be provided for those with dependency issues and the Housing Options team can also negotiate with landlords and provide bonds in order to prevent a person becoming homeless.


Members were informed that temporary accommodation is provided if a household meets relevant criteria and that there are currently 23 households in temporary accommodation, 15 of which have children. Members requested further information on the average length of stay in temporary accommodation.


The panel commended the officers for providing support to vulnerable households and requested than an annual update on homelessness be provided the panel.


RESOLVED: (Unanimously)




1.    the Panel asks for further information on the average length of call waiting times and the offer to review the pre-recorded message.


2.    the Panel expresses its gratitude for the offer to review the measure for licensed taxis inspected.


3.    a review of the process for Disabled Facilities Grants applications be carried out to streamline the process where possible.


4.    the Panel asks that the average length of stay in temporary accommodation be provided to the Panel.


5.    an annual update on homelessness be provided to the Panel.

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