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2019/20 Budget and Medium Tern Financial Strategy 2019/20 to 2022/23

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive for Resources and Transformation (Section 151 Officer) attached.


Before consideration of this item, the Deputy Chief Executive for Resources and Transformation provided a verbal report on the outcomes of the recent budget consultation that had been undertaken. The Council had received a good response to the consultation with 2:1 in favour of a rise in Council Tax and overwhelming support for the Green Links proposals.


Councillor Susan Snape, Cabinet Member (Finance) presented the Cabinet’s 2019/20 Revenue Budget for the Council and it’s Medium Term Financial Strategy for the next four years. This was the financial plan for the Council for the next four years, which was aligned to and supported the Corporate Plan and in delivering the Council’s ambitions and services for residents.


It was moved by Councillor Susan Snape, seconded by Councillor Margaret Smith that:


1.    the revenue budget for 2019/20 as set out in Appendix B of the report be approved;

2.    the 4 year Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) 2019/20 to 2022/23, summarised at Appendix B of the report be approved;

3.    the Asset Management Plan, Capital and Investment Strategy, Capital Programme and Treasury Management policy statement as set out in Appendices D to G of the report be approved; and

4.    a Council Tax increase of 1.99% be approved.


Councillor Matthew Tomlinson commented that although the opposition supported everything that the Council were trying to achieve, they considered that the current administration had an appalling track for delivery and an amendment to the Motion was moved by Councillor Matthew Tomlinson, seconded by Councillor Paul Foster:


“That the budget proposals set out in the report be amended by the implementation of the following measures:


·         Zero increase in Council Tax in 2019/20;


·         Include an additional £150k per year in the Capital Programme for the provision of playground refurbishments over the next 5 years;


·         Include an additional £10k per year for Community Safety initiatives;


·         Increase shared services savings by £60,000;


·         Increase the target for transformation savings by £100,00; and


·         Seek additional income of £100,000 in 2019/20.”


Councillor David Howarth commented that the Liberal Democrat Group were against the budget proposals of the administration and thought that more could be done to generation income for the Council.

Following debate the vote on the Amended Motion was For: 19, Against 24 and the Mayor declared that the Amended Motion was lost.


In accordance with Rule 16.5 in Part 4 of the Constitution, the voting on the Substantive Motion was recorded and the Members of the Council present at the time, voted as follows:




Councillors Carol Chisholm, Colin Clark, Colin Coulton, Mary Green, Michael Green, Jon Hesketh, Cliff Hughes, Jim Marsh, Caroline Moon, Jacqui Mort, Peter Mullineaux, Mike Nelson, Rebecca Noblet, Alan Ogilvie, John Rainsbury, Margaret Smith, Phil Smith, Susan Snape, David Suthers, Graham Walton, Karen Walton, Paul Wharton, Linda Woollard, Barrie Yates.




Councillors Jane Bell, David Bird, Renee Blow, Mal Donoghue, William Evans, Derek Forrest, Paul Foster, Harold Hancock, Mick Higgins, David Howarth, Kenneth Jones, Susan Jones, Keith Martin, Jim Patten, Mick Titherington, Caleb Tomlinson, Matthew Tomlinson, Ian Watkinson, Jonathan Woodcock


The Mayor declared that Substantive Motion was carried by 24 votes for and 19 votes against, with no abstentions.

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