Taxi Trade Forum - Thursday, 26th October, 2017 5.00 pm

Proposed venue: Cross Room, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland PR25 1DH

Contact: Dianne Scambler  Cross Room, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland PR25 1DH

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Councillor Mike Nelson (Vice-chair of the General Licensing Committee) welcomed those present and those present introduced themselves.


Note of the Last Forum


The note of the forum held on 15 July 2017 was noted.


Dementia Awareness


Andrew Howard (Senior Environmental Health Officer) gave a presentation on dementia, awareness and being dementia friendly.  It was known that people with dementia had higher reliance/usage of public transport which included taxis.  The council was keen as part of its aim to be a dementia friendly borough, to work with other public and voluntary sector groups and encourage involvement of the taxi trade in discussions on ways to assist and promote understanding for those residents with dementia. The lead was by the Dementia Action Alliance but as yet there was no representation from transport businesses and taxi trade representation was welcomed. As part of the borough’s accreditation, recognition would be available to the taxi trade. It was stressed this was the council and not a central government initiative.


Update/Changes to Licensing Policy and Issues for the Trade


Andy Glover (Interim Licensing Manager) gave a presentation on matters that affected the taxi trade. This included encouraging trade and licence holders to read the appropriate information on the council’s website (such as licensing policy, conditions and by-laws etc). 


Also following consultation with the trade, there were matters that had been considered by the council’s General Licensing Committee, and scheduled to be confirmed at the meeting of the council on 22 November 2017. This included:-


Equalities (adopting sections of the Equalities Act 2010)

            Guide Dogs


            Roadworthiness of Modified Vehicles


Changes to Licensing Policy

            Driver Qualifications (requirements for NEW drivers)

In view of the issues experienced by applicants not being able to book on a course, the council was looking at the possibility of issuing a one-off three month interim licence. This would need due consideration and consultation etc. Councillor Nelson confirmed he was to enrol on the course to experience it first-hand.

            Safeguarding Training (ALL drivers - new on application, existing on renewal)

            Tobacco (smoking and signage)

            Tinted Windows

Any specific issues were to be discussed after the forum.

            Executive Hire

            Digital/GPS Taximeter

If the trade had concerns about the taximeters it was advised to talk to the council.

            Seating Numbers

Intended Use Policy (new HC proprietors)

Whilst the government considered changing the law, the council proposed this change to take control of the situation.


Topics Submitted by Trade


The trade had previously submitted four topics which had been considered by the council and the responses were presented (circulated) at the forum.

-       Forum discussions

Notes would be published and actions taken forward.

-       Return to 12 month vehicle licence instead of current licence for 6 months.

Interested to hear and understand more of trade’s thinking.

-       Vehicle age limits

Intend to retain age limits but trade’s thinking welcomed.

-       Renewal reminders

Already being done, but will look at using email instead of posting letters